Life is Beautiful 257.


Life is Beautiful 257.

 For the past few days Dubai climate was very nice.As usual Ram finished his evening walk came  back to his house.He opened his door   entered in to the hall.His phone was ringing Vasanthy was in the other line.Hello Ram how are you.
Ram.I am fine.Pleasant surprise  to receive a call at this hour.
Vasanthy.I wanted to give you pleasant surprise.That is the reason  i called at this hour.How are you.
Ram.I am fine.How are you.
Vasanthy.Fine.I missed you for long time.
Ram.I was thinking to call you today.What a coincidence
Vasanthy.I have waited for two and half decades for you now i am feeling restless.i want to be with you for ever.
Ram.Me too.But when
Vasanthy.As soon as Prasanna and Kathambari’s marriage over.
Vasanthy.Why i called you  where we can celebrate the marriage of Prasanna  wheather in Dubai or Mysore.
Ram.It’s left your convenience
Vasanthy.I want to do it in My sore
Ram.That is fine.When
Vasanthy.It will take minimum five months.I have to do lot of work here.What is your opinion.
Ram.Your’s is a good proposal.
Vasanthy.Ram,I will call you tomorrow.Now some body ringing the bell.Good night take care
Ram.You too.Bye .
After that Ram saw few mails in his in box.Murthy has written a letter appreciating Prasanna’s Work.
Raj has sent some mails on the Latest Indian Rail way budget and Other National Budget to cover in his Channel.
By that time Ram received a call from Raj.Hello Ram,How are you.
Ram.I am fine.I am just going through your mails to be covered Tomorrow in our channel.
Budget is interesting.
Raj.Rail way budget  was highlighted only on Safety,other benefits like Wifi,Physically challenged people facilities.
Ram.O.K. No burden for the Commonman.But still lot of expectations from the people.
Raj.You are right This government .  want to see the safety first then other facilities to the passengers.
Ram.Yes,Had your dinner.How is your family.My regards to all.
Raj.All are fine.I had my dinner just now.You can go through our mails.
Ram.I will cover according  to your mails.
Raj.Good night Ram,take care.
Ram.You too Bye now.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

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