Life is Beautiful 256.


Life is Beautiful 256.

After finishing their tiffin    Prasanna and Kathambari came out from the hotel.Kathambari was asking Prasanna, Now where will go.
Prasanna.You decide.You told your mummy thay you are meeting me.
Kathambari.Yes,  Shall we go to Lamcy Plaza.I want to buy some items.
Prasanna.Fine.I like that place.
Kathambari.I   too like Lamcy Plaza.What a coincidence.Which Actor you like in Tamil film.
Prasanna.Not very particular.I like  the actors who will deliver
Kathambari.I too like like that.
They reached the Lamcy Plaza .After parking her Car  Kathambari and Prasanna entered the Main gate.
Lamcy Plaza was full.Always it is a crowded mall.Mostly Indian crowd for purchasing.
When they  crossing  the pharmacy  the Sales man wished Prasanna.Good evening Sir,Today i got a prescription for one of your  product.
Prasanna.Thank you  for the information.How are you.
Sales man.Fine sir,your Representative is visiting regularly.He is a smart guy.
Prasanna.Thank you for your compliment.Bye
Kathambari.You are also smart
Prasanna was smiling
After the Shopping Kathambari dropped him in his house.
Prasanna.Thank you for spending a nice evening with me.
Kathambari.Same to you.Bye .I will call you tomorrow
Prasanna.Regards to your Mummy.
Kathambari.I will tell her,Good night.
While going in the lift he received a call from Murthy
hi ,Prasanna,How are you. I saw your report  it was very nice.Our MD was very happy about your progress .Keep up the good work.Good night.
Thank you for your Compliment.Good night.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

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