Life is Beautiful 253.

Life is Beautiful 253.

After two days Ram called Prasanna
Prasanna,how are you.
Prasanna. I am fine sir.Tell me
Ram.Good news for you.Can you guess  what is that news
Prasanna.I do n’t know sir,you tell me
Ram.Prasanna,i spoke to my friend Anandaram  day before yesterday and told him your engagement has fixed here .He felt he could not fix you for his niece  and was happy your engagement was fixed through me.
Prasanna.Thank you very much sir.
Ram.Another good news i spoke to your mother yesterday and  she was happy  that  your alliance was fixed through me.She also told ,my friend Anandarao  spoke to her  that he was very happy because it  was fixed by me.I am  happy  the amount of confidence ,you people having with me.
Prasanna.Sir,What ever you do only good thing for others with sincere motive.
Ram.Thank you Prasanna.For this reason only i called you.Now you can relax and do your work.
Prasanna.Bye ,Take care Sir.
Ram.You too.Bye now.
After that Ram was busy with his work. He received a call from Raj,
Ram good morning.How are you.Now i have sent  a mail about the latest development of Delhi polls.Interesting one
Ram.I will check,
Raj.AAP is going to have tough time
Ram.Last time they have done very well
Raj.Yes,last time.This time the recent allegations for the donations which AAP received in the month of April made  doubt  from the Opposition parties.Hope you will cover this topic with your own style.
Ram.Thank you Raj,We will cover in our wayHow is your family and other friends.
Raj.All are fine.Ananda rao and Prasanna’s mother was very happy about his engagement.When will  be their marriage.
Ram.Kathambari’s mother should fix the place.Hope she will announce shortly.
Raj.Bye now.Take care.
Ram.You too
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,

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