Life is Beautiful 252.


Life is Beautiful 252.

   Next day after meeting the ruler of Dubai Ram was busy with the Coverage of Dubai Shopping  Festival.He and Kathambari had a nice  interview with the ruler.Every year the visitors  numbers are increasing from  Europe and South asia was the main high lights of the coverage.After finishing the coverage Ram received a call from Atkinson.
Ram i Have seen the Coverage., Excellent . Congratulations.
Ram.You have to congratulate Kathambari also.She edited the complete episode.
Atkinson.My compliments to both.Have a nice day.
Ram.Same to you Mr Atkinson.
After that Ram was busy in his routine work.  .Evening he left early to  drop  Raj in the airport.
Raj was waiting for Ram.After refreshing Both of them left for the airport. While going Ali was telling Raj, Sir,Your visit made me very happy
Raj.For me too Ali,Your office people and  the beautiful City Dubai
Ram.I   am very happy with your visit.We exchanged lot of ideas and coverage.
Raj.This ten days  will be in my memory for ever.
Ram.Take care.My regards to all. Tomorrow  You can call Ananda rao and  ,tell him i will be calling tomorrow evening..By that time they reached Emirates  terminal.
Raj.You need not come inside.You can leave me here.
Ram.Iwill come up to the Security Raj.
After  that Ram went along with him to the Security and seen  every thing was o.k.
Ram.Now i am going Bye.As soon as you reach home call me.
Raj.Thank you  Ram for the Wonderful hospitality.Take care Bye Iwill call Ananda Rao tomorrow morning.
After that Ram reached home.He was tired . He was not feeling hungry.He took some slices of bread and a cup of milk.
Then after few minutes he watched T.V. and went to sleep.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

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