Life is Beautiful 249.

Life is Beautiful 249.

They reached Kathambari’s place.Vasanthy and Kathambari was waiting Ram and Prasanna respectively with more eager.Kathambari welcomed every one.
Good after noon to all.How was the traffic.
Ram.Because of New year traffic was more.
Vasanthy.First we all have  tea.
Kathambari brought Some sweets and Mixture.
Ram.Nice, Hope sweets are Badhusha and Mysore pak.
Kathambari.You are right.Mum prepared both sweets.
Vasanthy.I hope all of you like both sweets.
Raj.I love Mysore pak and Badhusha too.
After finishing the tea Kathambari  spoke to all.
Before my Mum’s announcement I am Wishing you  allA Very Happy And Healthy New year.Mum can you start
Vasanthy.O.K. .Let me also wishing you all A Very HappyAnd Healthy New Year.Couple of Months back i met a handsome boy  at Deira City center Pleasing personality with  well behaved manners  impressed me.After that two more Occassions I met him .I wanted to marry Kathambari to him.But meantime  Kathambari liked  some body.
Ram.Nice to hear your Impression  about a boy.If kathambari can agree you can tell the boy’s name if you know.
Kathambari.No problem,i always give respect for Mum and she can tell the name of that boy
Ram.You can tell
Vasanthy.Normally what ever i buy  for Kathambari she never refuse that.Hope my selection  will  be liked by  her.
Kathambari.Mum  tell me .
Vasanthy.May be surprise  to her.The Hand some boy works for a Pharma company and he is the disciple of Your  Favourite Person Ram.Can you guess who is that person Kathambari?
Kathambari.Oh ,Mumma   tell
Vasanthy.He is none other than the person sitting  opposite you .Now can you tell
Kathambari.I feel shy
Every one was happy about Vasanthy’s selection.
Ram.Your decision   is wonderful.Both Kathambari and Prasanna are made for each other.
Raj.I was about to suggest Prasanna for Kathambari but God is great.
Kathambari.Thank you very much mummy.
Vasanthy.Prasanna  ,you like Kathambari.
After few minitues all left from Kathambari’s place with more Joy.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,

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