Life is Beautiful 248.

Life is Beautiful 248.
Prasanna took the phone.Ram was in the other line.
Prasanna,How are you.
Prasanna.I am fine.Tell me Sir
Ram.Just now i received a Call from Kathambari;s Mother.She is asking us to come to their house Tomorrow.
Prasanna.Is it What for
Ram.She will be announcing the boy which she has selected for Kathambari.
Prasanna.What time we have to go.
Ram.Since tomorrow Holiday we all can go in the morning.I will come to your place at 10AM along with Raj.
Prasanna.Good Sir,I will be ready at 10.A.M.
Ram.Any other news
Prasanna.Nothing sir, He does not want to tell My sore development regarding Ananda rao’s relative girl for him.After seeing the announcement from Vasanthy he wants to tell that matter.
Dubai was getting for the New year’s celebrations.This year they expect lot of International visitors.
Ram ‘s car was going slowly because of the heavy traffic.To reach Galadari round about it took twenty minitues than the normal time ten minitues.While going Raj was asking Prasanna.
You told you will be telling your decision today.
Prasanna.Yes,let us see the announce ment from Madam Vasanthy.
Raj.Today i received a Message from my office.
Ram.What is that.
Raj.Regarding the recent release of Aamirkhan’s movie PK. People like this movie from Raj Kumar Hirani.
Ram.Earlier Munna bhai,3Idiots was also nice.
Prasanna.I heard some organisations objecting
Ram.I was also seen in the T.V.
Raj.The Censor Board has already approved this movie.I do n’t think there will be problem for this/
Ram.You are right Raj.My point as long as Religon and Sentiments respected no problem.A friend told me picture is good.I have not seen.
By that time the traffic was over and their car started moving.
See You Next Week,

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