Life 243.

Life is Beautiful 243.

For the past few days Mysore was very cold.After retiring from C.F.T.R.I Ananda Rao used to go for a long walk. But he could not make it because of the weather.Today he wanted to go out  to see Prasanna’s mother.The reason was his Cousin from Shimoga has sent his daughters horoscope to look for a good bridegroom.Since Ananda rao knows Prasanna he wanted to  give the horoscope to  his mother  wheather that will match for  her son.He reached Prasannas house by auto.His Mother welcomed him.
Mother.Namaskara,Please come.
Ananda rao.Namaskara,How are you.Are you getting mails from Prasanna.
Mother.No mails.Weekly once he calls.He is very happy there wanted me to come permanently.But i am not interested because i can not miss Sri Venkatramana swamy  of Vontikoppal.
Ananda rao.True.
Mother. i will get you coffee.
Ananda rao.No Just now i had I  came here to give my cousin daughter’s horoscope for Prasanna.If it  matches to Prasanna’s horoscope i will be very happy.I want to give our girl to a boy like prasanna.Please take this horoscope.
Mother.Thank you for your interest on Prasanna.I  will ask Prasanna to send by email.I do n’t have a copy .Prasanna has stored in his Computer.
Ananda rao.No Problem,let him send.Mean time you can find out the matching.
Mother.I will give it to our family astraloger and find out the matching.
Ananda rao.O.K.I will make a move.Good night.
Mother.Take care,be careful while going it is very dark because to day Amavasai
Ananda rao.That is why i came today to give the horoscope.
Mother I too believeAmavasai is a good day for begining any goodthing.
After he left Mother Was receiving a call from Rajs wife Nirmala
Hello Aunty,how are you
Mother.I am fine,how are you and  How is Raj
Nirmala.Today he spoke to me.He met Prasanna in Dubai and he is fine.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,

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