Article 377.

Article Published in The Gulf Today UAE on 15 Nov 14 (377)

Destiny of a Car lift

The other day, I was waiting for a bus. The two buses that arrived were full and I had to skip them.

The reason is even though special seats are allotted for senior citizens in buses, many young people occupy the seats and do not bother to respect the system.

My thinking was distracted by a car horn. When I saw the person inside the vehicle, I was pleasantly surprised to see none other than a friend whom I had got acquainted with in the US recently.

He was happy to see me and asked to get inside the car. He remarked that he was in India to see his relatives.

He dropped me at my place, leaving me contemplating about the role of destiny in life.

I missed two buses and here is a man from far-off America in his car volunteering to drop me. Strange are the ways of destiny.

K. Ragavan

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