Life is Beautiful 241.

Life is Beautiful 241.
After reaching the office Ram received a call from Murthy.
How are you Ram,How is Raj.
Ram.Murthy Raj is fine.How is your family.I will give it to Raj.
Raj took the phone from Ram.Hello Murthy i am fine.Ram is taking care of me.Today we had lunch with his M.D.
Murthy.How is Dubai Raj
Raj.Dubai is very nice.Big buildings ,Malls and Lovely Metro.Shortly Tram also coming.Lovely Country.Lot of Indians are working here.
Murthy.You can go to our office and meet Prasanna.
Raj.Today he came for lunch.Good delicious Lunch we had.
Murthy.Good,Give it to Ram.
Ram took the phone,Murthy tell me.What news in Mysore.
Murthy.Oh all good news only.The new government is doing a good job.But it takes some time for set right every thing.
Ram.I Know,Over night they can not do any thing.How is your Company.
Murthy.Fine,our Dubai business is improving.Prasanna is doing a good job.
Ram.Yes,How is his mother.
Murthy.She is fine.She wants to see her Son’s marriage.Last week she told my wife over phone.
Ram. i am also thinking on that.
Murthy.If you think that will happen.Take care ,Bye now.
Ram.You too take care.
By that time Kathambari entered Ram’s cabin.
Ram i want to invite Raj and you for lunch.Mummy asked me to inform this.
Ram.Fine When
Kathambari.Coming friday .
Ram.Day after tomorrow.
Kathambari.Yes, i am inviting Prasanna also.
Ram.Did Mummy asked to invite him.
Kathambari.I told he is your friend and he is staying alone.
Kathambari.Ok.Raj we will meet on friday.I will pick you guys.
Raj.Thank you.
After Kathambari left Raj asked Ram
Kathambari is a Smart girl.
Ram.Yes,Smart and well behaved girl.
After that Ram was busy in covering the news which was sent by Raj’s office.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,


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