Tribute to S.V.V. 323.

Tribute to Writer S.V.V.323.

Today i remembered another interesting personality who has created a big impact in tamil stories and articles is none other than S.V.Vijaya raghavachariar ,Popularly known as S.V.V.  As a Lawyer he has created a big impact seven decades  back in his  article Elephant’s creed in Court  in the popular news daily The Hindu was worth to be mentioned here.This article gave him a good name and fame for his writing later he was writing regularly in The Hindu .All his articles was liked by top personalities  like Rajaji,(Late).Seeing his writings the then famous writer (Late) Kalki (Ra.Krishnamurthy ) wanted him to contribute  his creations in Tamil.Instigated by the great Stalwart Kalki S.V.V’S first  tamil story was published  in the famous Weekly magazine Ananda Vikatan in July 1933.That story was applauded by  Many including famous Rajaji. His writings are comedy with meaningful and related to  life and happenings.He was the  roll model for the famous writers came later.Those writers are Thumilan,Devan and Nadodi is important.He has written many Stories ,articles ,andMany comedy stories.I have read few of his creations.Those are ,Bommi,Puthu Matupen
one or two i could n’t remember.  His English and Tamil writings was with authenticity and meaningful. He was working in Thiru vannamalai in his earlier days as Lawyer the famous place for Karthikai Deepam festivel whish is  due in few days. Even though he has departed six decades back
his remarkable creations are in front of us.Till his last days he was Contributing  his famous writings to The Hindu and Ananda Vikatan .Today i am happy to tribute this Lawyer cum Writer.
See You Next Week,

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