Life is Beautiful 239.

Life is Beautiful 239.
Prasanna was just entering from the main entrance.Seeing Kathambari his face was happy.He never expected her for the lunch.Kathambari wished Prasanna
How are you.
Prasanna.I am fine how are you.
Kathambari.I am also fine.Nice to see you here.
Prasanna.I never expected to come here as well never expected you here.
Kathambari.I am happy to see you here.How about you
Prasanna.Me too.
Kathambari was wearing a green Saree and Prasanna was also wearing a Light green shirt.It was a strange coincidence.
All sat in the dinner hall.Atkinson ordered for Soup.
The waiter brought the hot tomoto soup.Raj liked that
Atkinson Soup is very nice.Ram i know you like tomoto soup.
Ram.Yes, Prasanna also likes.
.Kathambari .i Too like this. Prasanna was happy that she likes his favorite soup.
Then the waiter brought Vegetarial thali for all.
They were enjoying the dishes particularly Milk halwa.Atkinson enjoyed the taste
Normally i do n’t like Sweets.But in this hotel i like this Halwa One of my friend brought me couple of months back here and introduced me this.
Ram.Nice taste.I am tasting first time.
By that time Raj received some messages from his Mobile.When he opened,
Oh ,My God,They have done this
Ram.What is that you are talking.
Raj.My office announced the flash of the few names of the black money account holders to be covered in your news.
Atkinson.Nice to hear this.
Ram.I am happy this is one of the top priority for the Modi government to bring back the black money.
Kathambari.It is really a good news.
Raj.They have sent mail to Ram about the dtails.Hope Ram can see once we reaches office.
More than Milk halwa’s taste Ram enjoyed this news from Raj.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week


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