Life is Beautiful 238.

NDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2014

Life is Beautiful 238.

Kathambari was happy to see Raj in the office.
Mr Raj ,your good coverage on Indian news  I Like your Indian news  coverage.You are a versatile Journalist.
Raj.Thank you for your compliment.Ram used to write nicely when he was in India to my paper.He analyse  things very nicely. His issue based  articles i like.
Ram.Thank you Raj for your compliment.Kathambari also writes nicely.
Atkinson.I am really very happy  with all your association to my channel.
Ram.We are proud to be associated  with you Atkinson.
Atkinson.Raj we will have an agreement from our channel to your Paper for broadcasting Indian news.
Raj.It is a pleasure to Our paper to have association with the leading Middle east Channel.

AtkinsonWe too happy with a leading  Indian news paper’s association.The credit goes to our friend Ram.
Ram.Not to me Kathambari Introduced me to Atkinson. The credit goes to her only.
Atkinson .Right, but Ram proved his mettle.Both are responsible.
Kathambari.What is your progamme to day Raj.
Raj.My main visit to Dubai to have long term relation ship with your Channel.
Atkinson.You need not worry for that.I will sign for Five years agree ment  initially.Hope that will be fine from both sides.
Raj.Very nice.Our people will be very happy.
Ram.I am happy that Raj’s visit  is fruitful.
Atkinson.Raj where we will go for lunch.
Raj.I am aVegetarian ,where ever you can select
Atkinson.Nice,We all will go to Govindas.This is a good Vegetarian restaurant in Karama.
Ram.Fine,i was thinking that only.
Atkinson.Kathambari ,you are also joining with us.
Kathambari.Fine,i have not visited this restaurant.
By that time Ram received a call from Prasanna
Sir, Iwant to invite Raj and you for Lunch.
Hearing the Conversation Atkin son asked Ram to Invite Prasanna also to Govindas..
Prasanna .O.K Sir.i WILL BE THERE AT 1-30p.m.
After hearing this Kathambari was very happy.She was also not met Prasanna for nearly  One month.
All they reached Govindas.Kathambari’s eyes were searching Prasanna.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,


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