Tribute 321.

Tribute to Writer Thi.Janakiraman 321.
Today i remembered another interesting personality from the tamil story is none other than writer Thi.Janaki raman.He was one of the major personalities of 20th Century Tamil fiction.His contribution of 100 Short stories and more than dozen novels was created a big hit in those days.In 1979 he was awarded Sahitya Academy Award for his short story collection Sakthi Vaidhiam is important.His writing style was simple and narrative.Some of his novels has been translated to english.His travel articles was also popular.I have read few stories of this Stalwart .Those are Moga mul,Sembaruthi,and Amma vandhaal.Many of his short stories collection was famous in those days.Those areKottumelam,Akbar shastri,Erumai Pongal,and Pidi karunai.His play Nalu veli nilam was a great hit.While serving as a Civil servant he has created all this stories ,Novels ,Plays and Travel articles .Tamil story field was bestowed with Wonderful writers ,Novelists and Play writers.
I am writing this to my little remembrance and Knowledge. Even though this Sahitya Academy award winner is not with us but kis remarkable creations with us.Today i am happy to tribute this Stalwart.
See You Next Week,
20-10 -14.


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