Life 237.

Ram  and Raj entered the dining hall of Venus restaurant .One of the popular restaurant in karama area where Karnataka dishes served.Ram asked Raj,

Raj here you will get all types of south Indian dishes.

Raj.Lovely,what ever you like to take i will also take.

Ram.Fine,i will order for Idly Vadai and Dosa.

Raj.My choice also  the same.

Ram.Not ours.Most of the South Indians prefer this .

Raj.True,Dubai is very nice.People are also very friendly.

Ram.Yes,here  all are friendly.

By that time the server brought the order.

After finishing the Break fast Ram and Raj reached Ram’s office.

Ram took Raj  to the Editorial department and introduced the staff members.

Ram.He is Raj ,where we get our Indian news coverage it is from him.He is a Senior Journalist working for a Leading news paper of Bangalore,His authenticity i like.

Staff members.We could see the coverage Mr Ram.Good coverage he gives.Nice to meet you Mr Raj.

Raj.Thank you.My paper and your Channel has got a good tie up .I am happy to have  association with your channel.

Ram.We too  are very happy.I will take you to our MD  Atkinson.

Ram  took Raj to Atkinson’s cabin.

Atkinson was eagerly waiting to see Raj.

Atkinson.Wel come Mr Raj to Dubai.What you would like to have

Raj.I had  heavy Break fast with Ram.I do n’t mind i will have tea.

Atkinson.Nice,i too like tea.What about you Ram

Ram.For me also tea.

Mean time the office staff came.Atkinson  told him to bring tea.

Raj.I am really thrilled to see your Channel departments, the way in  they are functioning.

Atkinson.You are right.The credit goes to your friend.After his entry he changed a lot.

Mean time Kathambari entered in to Atkinson’s cabin.

Kathambari.Good morning Mr Atkinson.

Atkinson.Kathambari.Meet Mr Raj from India.

Kathambari wished Raj.

(to be continued)


See You Next WEek,



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