Life 235.

Life is Beautiful 235.

Dubai Airport is always busy.Flights are coming from different destinations.Emirates Airline has got separte for their travelers.Ram was waiting for Raj .The flight came in time.After the security  and package collection Raj came out   wave his hand  to Ram.
Ram received Raj happily, How are you You have gone down.How is Mrs and daughter.
Raj.All are fine, but i was little upset
Raj.You might have seen in the T.V.Tamil nadu Chief Minister was arrested Under DA Case from the Bangalore court.Why i felt tamil nadu is coming up with lot of her Programmes.
Ram.I saw in the T.V. She is one of the good administrator.Come our car is there.
They reached the parking lot entered their car.
While going they continue their conversation
Ram.Sorry,i dis continue the Conversation.
Raj.No problem,as you said she is a very good administrator.
Ram.She has many plus points.But all are vanishing with her  temperment,mood,and above all  past decision taking.
Raj.You are right.This case was draging for more than 18Years and now the Judgement has come What is your opinion.
Ram.Well,in India our Judiciary system is slow but  the Verdict will be  Neutral..When i endorse  the Judiciary i also feels she is a Women    holding a good position ..But our country believes in  Karma and because of  her  past mistake now she is undergoing all the tensions one can not deny.I am happy
this will be an eye opener.
Raj.You are right, in Gita Lord Krishna says i am not responsible for your sufferings ,you yourself responsible for that.When Pandavas are close friends of SriKrishna they have suffered for thirteen years which every body knows.We all  like her ,admire her Governance but this Charges one has to face.
Ram.Our house has come.
Raj.Fine.Hope things may improve her in the coming days.
Ram.Let us hope for that.But evidences are strong.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,

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