Life 228.

Life is Beautiful 228.
Next day Ram was waiting for Ali to pick him to office.By that time he received a call from Raj
Good Morning Ram,How are you.
Ram.I am fine.How are you and family.
Raj.Fine .i Sent one mail to you
Ram.What is that regarding
Raj.I am planning to Visit Dubai next week.Kindly write to me a good hotel where i can stay
Ram.The Best Hotel in Dubai Ram’s Hotel
Raj.Is it.Where is the location.
Ram.My dear Raj, that is my house.You write to me your flight details .I will come and pick you.
Raj.I do n’t want to disturb you.
Ram.I am your friend.You have to stay with me. know today the famous actor Robin Williams passed.
Ram.Yes,i Saw it in the news.Great actor.Jumanji and ,Mrs Doubt fire,no one can forget.I saw another movie recently i for got the exact name.Photo One hour like that.It was a memorable movie.The pity is he was only 63Years.
Raj.Yes,Iwill mail the flight details.
Ram.My regards to Murthy’s family .
Raj. i Will tell him.Hope to see you soon in the Golden city.T Care,Bye
Ram.You too take care.
After finishing the call Ali rang the bell. Ram closed the door came and sat in the car.
The traffic was less and Ram reached the office five minitues before his normal time.
When he entered the reception he saw the news editor Pradhan.
Good morning Ram.
Ram.Same to you.How are you.
Pradhan.Fine,I was shocked to read the demise of Robin Williams,one of the great actor.
Ram.Yes,he is a great actor who created a very big impact in the Holly wood.
Pradhan.I felt very sad.
Ram I too.Have a nice day.
Pradhan.You too .Bye.
(tobe continued)
See You Next Week,

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