Life 227.

Life is Beautiful 227.
Prasanna took the phone.Ram was on the other line.
Prasanna ,how are you.
Prasanna.I am fine sir,How are you.
Ram.I am fine. Today evening are you free.
Ram.I want to see the movie Two States.Kathambari told me it was a good movie in the recent.
Would you like to join with me.
Prasanna.Certainly.Which place.
Ram.Lamcy Plaza.Shall i come and pick you.
Prasanna.No ,sir.I got a direct bus . Which show you want to go.
Ram.Better ,3-30.P.M Will be ideal.Tomorrow we have to go to Kathambari’s place for Satyanarayana Pooja.
Prasanna.Right Sir.This is ideal .I will be there at 3.0P.M.
Ram. I will see you there.
Prasanna kept the phone.He was thinking what a Coincidence, i too wanted to see this movie
I am happy i am going with Ram.
Exactly at 3P.M. He reached the Theater.He bought two tickets .
After five minitues Ram came.
Sorry Prasanna,I was late by five minitues.
Prasanna.No ,Problem Sir,Come let us go.
Lamzy Plaza Complex theater was a beautiful one .Good Sound System.
After the movie Ram and Prasanna came to Venus Restaurant in Karama for Dinner.
When they entered the hotel Prasanna saw Chander was sitting inside.
Chander.Hello Prasanna,pleasant surprise.
Prasanna.Yes,How about you
Chander.How are you Mr Ram.
Ram .I am fine.How is your Job.
Chander.Fine Sir,I am enjoying my job.I got a good boss.
Prasanna.No,Chander.I am trained by this boss He Showed Ram.
Ram.I am not Boss.Our big boss is God .
After finishing the Dinner Ram left the place reached home.Prasanna also reached his place.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,

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