Life 222.

Life is Beautiful 222.
Prasanna was slowly settling down in his Wonderful office Culture.Chander Joined with him and started meeting Doctors to promote Bracco Products as well the new product for joint disorders which was approved by the famous research institute CFTRI. Murthy has sent all the details of that new product from Mysore.The product was welcomed by some of the leading hospitals in Dubai as well Sharjah.On that day after finishing his work Chander came to meet Prasanna in their office.Chander knocked Prasanna’s cabin,
Prasanna.Please Come in
Chander.Good after noon Mr Prasanna.How are you.
Chander.I am fine.Today i met couple of Orthopedic Specialists and discussed about our new product.All are very much interested and promised to prescribe.
Prasanna.Good,How you feel the Working environment here.
Chander.Good,Doctors are listening if you explain properly.
Prasanna.Nice,Had your lunch.
Chander.Yes, what about you.
Prasanna.Just now .
Bythat time Kathambari was knocking Prasanna’s cabin
Prasanna.Please come in
Chander.MrPrasanna ,meet Kathambari ,my cousin’s friend who is responsible for my entry in this office.
Prasanna.i am Prasanna,nice to meet you.
Kathambari.I know about you through Ram.He told high about you.It is my pleasure to meet you.Why i came here is to invite you for the Satyanarayana Pooja in our house on friday.You should come to our house.Also tell your Secretry Iwanted to invite her now but she is not there in the seat.My residence Chander knows .I can see you on friday.Bye now.
After Kathambari’s departure Prasanna was telling Chander,
Very Smart impressive lady.
Chander.Yes,she is a good media person.O.K. Iwill make a move.See you tomorrow.
After that Prasanna was busy in his work.
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,


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