Life 221.

Life is Beautiful 221.
Murthy reached his office after finishing his lunch on the way from home.M urthy wanted to meet his MD to discuss about the new product which he got the approval from CFTRI. He came to Mr Srivatsa’s cabin ,but he was not there.His secretry told him that he has gone out will be back in the afternoon.By that time Murthy received a call from Raj
Sorry ,Murthy i could n’t talk because of traffic.Now i am free.
Murthy.Thank you Raj,I was also feeling the same that i could not talk to you.
Raj.I was rushing to a friend’s place to find out his where about’s.He is a Civil engineer working in Iraq.
Murthy.I read in the papers some Indians are abducted.
Raj,\.My friend is there for the past two years,but this sudden development no one anticipated.His family has not received no communication from him for the past two days.
Murthy.What you think about the present Govt Will they act immediately.
Raj.Yes,they have already taken action on this and they were promised our people are safe.
Murthy.Unless and Untill if they come back then only we will be happy.
Raj.You are right Murthy.In this case i am confident they will come back.
Murthy.But the recent rail fare was Unjustifiable.
Raj.You are right,As a Journalist i strongly Condome this drastic hike.They could have rised few percentage instead of 14.2%.
Murthy.Will they consider to revert.
Raj.I do n’t think ,but this will have a impact among people who was having hopes on this new government.But i am not ruling out the hopes on this government but this is not a right decision at this Juncture.
Murthy.Yes,What other news
Raj.Nothing,I was worried about my friend in Iraq.
Murthy.Do n’t worry,he will come back safely.
Raj.Thank you Murthy for listening me.See you later,take care.Bye now
Murthy.You too,Bye.
After the Conversation Murthy came to his Cabin.
(tobe Continued).
See You Next Week,


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