Life 219.

Life is Beautiful 219.
Ram came to his house. Kathambari was waiting in the hall.
Kathambari.Good evening Ram,Thank you for your help.
Ram.What for.
Kathambari.You asked Chander to meet your friend Prasanna and hope he will be selected .
Ram.Prasanna called and told me that he is interested in Chander waiting for the approval from his office.
Kathambari.Chander told me ,his interview was nice and Prasanna was asking brilliant questions to him and he answered.
Ram.Hope Chander may be selected for their Middle east operations.
Kathambari.I came to thank you for this.
Ram.Hope Prasanna will get the positive reply from his office tomorrow.
By that time Ram’s phone was ringing.Murthy was on the other line
Ram.I received a fax from Prasanna about Chander and i am okaying for our Middle east operation since he has good experience in India.Hope he will pick up the market conditions and he will learn driving.
Ram.Thank you Murthy.
Murthy.For this i wanted to convey .Prasanna was recommended by you and today we are seeing his growth in front of us.Chander also recommended by you.I have no doubt about his delivery.Mr Srivatsa also sent his regards to you.
Ram.Convey my regards to your M.D. Srivatsa.
Murthy.O.K. Take care.Ask chander to report to Prasanna tomorrow.
Ram.Thank you Murthy.
After listening the conversation Ram had with Murthy Kathambari now has more respects to Ram for his contacts and respect he is commanding in the society.
Kathambari.My friend will be very happy that her cousin got a good entry in Dubai.I am thanking you for this.
Ram.Chander has done well in the Interview and Prasanna was impressed and selected him.
Kathambari.O.K.Ram,See you to morrow.Bye now.
(to be continued)
See You Next Week,


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