Tribute 302.

Tribute to Director Shree 302.
Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from the tamil film industry is none other than Director Shree.Started his career with ace Director Shankar in his mighty film Yanthiran and later had his own debut as Director in Damaal dumeel. Even though this was his first movie he has given a nice entertainment to the tamil film fans is worth to be mentioned here.Story,Dialoque and picturaisaton was nice with full of suspense.New actors have done their rolls very well and nice Cinematagraphy both indoor as well out door by Edward Sakay.Stalwarts Kotta Srinivasarao and Shinde also done their rolls very well.Shree has handled the suspense till the last minitue .Today’s competitive film world this movie was talked by people.Shree has delivered this new concept and i am confident he will have bright future in film field.Cinematagrapher Edward also has bright future through this movie.Today i am happy to tribute this up coming talented Director Shree.
See You Next Week,

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