Tribute 300.

Tribute to Narendra Modi 300.
Today i am going to pen another interesting personality who has created a revolution in Indian Politics in the recent election was none other than NarendraModi. Even though i am not belonging to any political party i am forced to write this week on this talented ,Dynamic personality who has Mesmerized young youths and the Commonman
in the recent election and Won with sweeping majority was the big history in the Indian Politics.I have been rising my voice for nearly a decade for the Middle class and ,Commonman’s day to problem which no government was bothered to take care.After seeing all those hurdles the people of India has given a full mandate for him no one can deny.As a Commonman of this country i expect the following things should be taken care.Those things,Inflation,Education and Medical treatment at a affordable price, Infrastructure for Good roads,Water and Electricity made available through out.The above points i have been mentioning in my letters periodically both in Indian NewsPapers and UAE Papers.Since people has given their verdict fully to Modi he should deliver and make the people happy.Even 25% of the problems if he solved initially i will be happy which i have not seen in five decades.Today i am happy to tribute this Stalwart who was bestowed to the position of Prime Minister of India and i am having my fullest confidence that he will keep up the expectations of the people.
See You next Week,


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