Life is Beautiful 214.

Life is Beautiful 214.
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Prasanna was greeted by Gayatri
Hello Mr Prasanna i am Gayatri secretry
Prasanna. Nice to meet you i hope .this is a Prime area
Gayatri.Luckily we got this prime area luckily. .
Prasanna.Yes,Mr Murthy told me.When we have started this office.
Gayatri.Just one month back.Our Driver Hari was also joined one month back.Previously he was working for some company and he is well versed with Dubai.
Prasanna. You have worked any where before joining our office
Gayatri.Yes,i was in a Media company since our office is close to my residence i resigned and joined here.Mr Murthy interviewed over phone and selected me.
Prasanna.Howyou feel the Working atmospherehere here

Gayatri.Ilike .Inter acting with new clients for appointing as distributor for our Principle and i enjoy. the work.
Prasanna.Once you like the Job you will enjoy.
Gayatri.Please come this is your Cabin your new mobile phone and this the number.Next week your flat will be ready.
You have to go for driving from next week.I have fixed with Emirates driving institute.
Gayatri.Yesterday i received the mail from Mr Lizioli asking wheather we made the appointment of distributor ship..
Prasanna.Any party you found.
Gayatri. Yes,one party is meeting us tomorrow. He is interested to take up.
Prasanna.Good ,you carry on . Iwill see the files.
After she left for her work Prasanna saw the letters and correspondences received.He was happy about the way in which Gayatri handling.
He called Ram
Good morning Sir,I am speaking from my office.The Whole atmosphere was nice and our Secretry Gayatri Is doing a fine job .
Ram.Nice to hear Prasanna.I am wishing you all the best for your new responsibility and i am confident you will do it.
Prasanna.Thank you sir with your blessings i can do .
(to be continued).
See You Next Week,


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