Tribute 297.

Tribute to Cinematographer Kamal Bose 297.
Today i am going to pen another interesting film personality from Bollywood film industry is none other than Cinematographer Kamal Bose.He was associated with Veteran Director Bimal Roy for many films He has worked with all top class actors of both Bengali and Hindi films five decades back.He has won National awards for five of his films is worth to be mentioned here.Known for his brilliant shots in the old black &white era to the advanced Colur films.After the demise of Stalwart BimalRoy Bose was associated with Director Asit Sen over a decade and later he was worked with late Producer, Director FerozKhan is important. He has given many remarkable films with his magic shots of both indoor and out door.I have seen couple of movies of this doyen.Those movies are,Bandini,Anokhiraat,Khamoshi,Daastak,Qurbani,Dharmatma,Bairaag,Jaan baaz,and Dayavan. He was liked by the film fraternity. Even though he is not with us today his memorable films are with us.I am writing this column with my little knowledge ,if there is any error can be ignored Kamal Bose was also hails from Bengal where many talented technicians was born. .Today i am happy to tribute this remarkable Stalwart.
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